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What is in the Corfu Tantra Festival

The theme of the festival this year is Sacred Sensuality. Looking at the deep blue sea, listening to symphony of the waves at the beautiful surroundings of Arillas is the space for your heart to be felt, heard, unfolded and celebrated. This transformational tantra festival is intended to connect deeper to yourself & to your inner truth. Our intention is to Heal, discover, expand and celebrate. Throughout this week we will offer a wide range of profound practices

Essence of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Conscious Touch and Massage

Sacred Rituals, Celebrations and Parties

Live Music

Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

Authentic Sharings and Connections

Deep and Transformative Healing

Tantric Breathwork and Sound

Separate Men & Women Circles

OSHO Active Meditations

MIndfulness & Yoga

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Magical summer nights events in the evening

Beach time and natural mineral mud Treatment by the cliffs
Ecstatic dance
Tantric rituals
Cacao ceremony
Sacred parties

Our Values


We value individual freedom of choice and individual wisdom. We strive for our offers to be invitational and consensual. And for our students to be aware and respect their boundaries.

Neutrality and Non-judgement:

We stay as neutral as possible in relationship to our student and do not engage in any judgement concerning individual patterns, other teachers or organizations.


We take to heart to represent ourselves in our communication in a truthful, honest, and vulnerable way. As close to the person that we are, while protecting our own private and intimate life.


We recognize that our knowledge can always deepen and be improved. We continue our personal and professional development over time, considering ourselves both as teachers and students. We are honoring and respecting the teachings, traditions and masters nourishing our transmissions.


We do not share the identity of or personal information about our students.

Responsible Relationship:

We recognize that being a teacher puts the person in a position of power, influence and privilege compared to the participants. Therefore, we do not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with our students for a time of 6 weeks after the festival.

Financial Clarity:

We clearly indicate the prices for our services, our payment terms and cancellation policy.